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Osteopaths use their hands to carry out treatment using a variety of techniques according to the problem and age of each individual (with certain techniques not being appropriate for everyone). These methods range from soft tissue 'massage' techniques working with muscles, ligaments and connective tissue, to rhythmic joint movements which can move through to the high velocity thrust techniques which makes the 'click' sound which some may be familiar with.

Painkillers may offer short-term relief but have a tendency to just mask the real problem and can have a number of side-effects if overused. For many people, osteopathic treatment proves a more effective, healthier way to reduce pain as it seeks to deal with the underlying cause of the problem, not just the symptoms.




Jack Woodman
Registered Osteopath

108 High Street Steyning
West Sussex BN44 3RD

01903 813666

Jack Woodman

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