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What do I have to wear?
I normally ask patients to undress down to their underwear. This enables me to assess and treat them more easily. However, you would be able to remain fully dressed if you felt uncomfortable doing this. Having said that, it’s best to avoid clothing that might be impractical for treatment, such as tight jeans that would restrict your movement.
How many treatments will I need?
This depends entirely on each person and the nature of their complaint. Some only require a "one-treatment quick-fix", although most have an initial course of 4-5 sessions and then return for an occasional "MOT" style treatment to maintain the benefits. Others may require ongoing treatment to help manage long-term problems.
I will discuss with you on your initial visit how things are likely to progress and therefore the anticipated number of treatments that will be required. What you do at home and at work can greatly affect your progress and so your involvement in any treatment plan is just as important as mine.
What does treatment feel like?
Osteopathic techniques are mostly very gentle so treatment itself is rarely painful. However, this again depends entirely on each individual case. Most people find the process of treatment relaxing and completely without discomfort. Others may feel a little sore when certain techniques are being performed, but this is commonly described as a beneficial sensation. In other words, a certain area may feel slightly tender when worked on, but it feels like it’s doing some good. I always encourage my patients to tell me how things feel throughout the treatment, so if there are any sensitive areas, any discomfort experienced can be kept to a minimum.
How you feel immediately after treatment also varies from person to person. Some people feel on top of the world while others may feel a little stiff for a day or two. Any side-effects are normally mild and short-lived and are heavily outweighed by the longer-term benefits of treatment.





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